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Film transformer beast wars

3 Jun Beast Wars: Transformers is a Live Action/CGI Animated movie based on the Transformers toy franchise and 90's animated series of the same name. It is one of the many planned spin off movies to the Transformers movie franchise. The movie is shot in live action and the characters are brought to life. On June 21, , producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura announced that a film adaptation of Beast Wars was not in plans, as he explained: “I'm probably not the one to be asking that question to because I don't get Beast Wars, but you know, thankfully I'm not the only vote on it. I've never quite understood, they kind of feel like. 21 Jun Transformers: The Last Knight somewhat expands the possibilities for the Transformers franchise by bringing in Arthurian Legend and opening up the idea that Transformers movies don't have to be set in the present day. The upcoming Bumblebee standalone film will reportedly follow in the footsteps of.

21 Jul Throughout the first season, before the major revelation that the show took place on ancient Earth, both the Maximals and Predacons reference and name-drop multiple Transformers and conflicts, most famously the dreaded Unicron from the original film, who appears in a flashback and “in person” as a. 8 Jun The Transformers writers will each pitch their own movie, meaning there will be at least 12 projects that will be developed through this group. 27 Jan What I like is the idea that these animals survived because they had some natural immunity to the energon radiation, which is why the Maximals and Predacons hit on the idea of using these Beast Modes and their robust DNA to move safely around the planet. So anyway, two groups of Transformers crash.


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