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Adywan a new hope revisited

NEW DETAILS ON A NEW HOPE REVISITED HD! This list is for the final draft dual layer DVD-9 copy of Revisited. There are multiple versions of Revisited in Replaced the bloody furry arm that Obi-Wan cuts off with a cauterized human arm (Dr. Evazan's, played by Adywan's arm). Fixed it so that the tiny alien no longer. Last week, The Expanded Fandomverse Podcast released their episode featuring an extended interview with Adywan: You get about 90 minutes with Ady, so be sure to check it out for some behind-the-scenes stories and some glimpses of the future! Posted in Interviews | Tagged A New Hope Revisited, Adywan, Empire. 28 Oct About doubleofive. Nerd/Geek. Webmaster for Star Wars Revisited, former co- host of Standard Orbit on Hero of 7-year-olds everywhere. View all posts by doubleofive →. This entry was posted in News and tagged A New Hope Revisited, Adywan, Empire Strikes Back Revisited, Star Wars Revisited.

Adywan is a fan who has created a fixed version of Star Wars a New Hope. He has fixed multiple errors. Does anybody know where I can download his. adywan said: Does anyone remember the very first version i did of that scene? And i was told by many that the planet needed to change because it was too blue. I guess i should have kept it the way it was originally. It looks close enough to Scarif, doesn't it?. Star Wars Revisited is a fan-edited version of the movie Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The film was re-edited by British amateur artist Adrian Sayce of Shrewsbury, UK, whose internet pseudonym is adywan. Sayce's original intentions were to make color corrections to the DVD release of.

Star Wars: Revisited -The Saga. 81K likes. A series of fan-edits of the first 6 films in the SW saga. Non-official versions. By fans, for fans.


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