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Aug 31, Installation. Install the minidlna package. If you want to use an unofficial branch which supports transcoding, install the readymedia-transcode-gitAUR package. I've been running MiniDLNA for the past week or so with absolutely no problems. Just installed in from the official repositories, changed a couple of lines in the config file and it just works. However, I'm unable to play files that are encoded with FLAC. I'm also having trouble files. Some of them even has some support for the transcoding. I tried most of them – Fuppes, Plex Media Server, uShare, Rygel, MediaTomb, PS3 Media Server, Serviio and miniDLNA (I hope I didn't forgot any) – just to find out that none of them suits my needs. None of them was able to correctly transcode all.

Does MiniDLNA transcode? I want to stream some MKV files to my PS3 but i need transcoding similar to ps3 media server. Has anyone done this? On a side not, i would be nice to have a ps3 media server plugin! Thanks. Feb 19, FWIW, I gave up on making my dlna servers transcode (Plex can do it if you can suffer the interface). My TV is picky picky about many things. I discovered that Handbrake (defaults) can convert my wild collection of formats into mp4 files that my TV likes (and minidlna can parse and serve). I bit the bullet and. So suffice it to say, I don't think Emby is intended for the same kind of use case that most people consider minidlna for. Edit: I now remember why I deleted it in the first place - it's almost impossible to disable transcoding. I mean, it might be possible, but it's a tremendous pain in the ass, and I couldn't get it to.

Mar 11, I've got a few questions related to this. 1. Has Mencoder/FFMpeg stated that they will update to support the GPU encoding features of the pi? 2. The codecs in the store - are they only for hardware encode/decode, or does it limit software encode/decode too? 3. Why does a standard desktop not require. Ubuntuized readymedia-transcode. Readymedia-transcode is a personal development branch of ReadyMedia (formerly known as MiniDLNA) created by Lukas Jirkovsky for implementing transcode capabilities in MiniDLNA. My personal development branch of ReadyMedia (AKA minidlna) with added transcoding support. Various small fixes are included too.


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