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Octodad · Home · Team · Contact · Blog · Games · Download · Merch · Press · Forum · Facebook · Twitter. Menu, Home · Team · Contact · Blog · Games · Download · Merch · Press · Forum · Facebook · Twitter. Octodad: Dadliest Catch is the sequel to the splash hit, Octodad! This time, our cephaloprotagonist has gotten himself in a bind between his wife's mounting mistrust, and a disastrous trip to the local aquarium! Are you dad enough to control the titular octopus father as he strives to hide his nautical nature from his family while. 3 Feb [developer] Feb 3, @ pm. Sorry, no downloadable demo at the moment . We made a demo for the PS4 that you can find at store kiosks, though that version is slightly old by comparison. (site is being slow right now, I apologize) The student version gives a.

10 Feb So, I got the prototype/demo to determine if I want this and I do, But I have a problem: In the demo, there is no sound except for in the cutscenes, I have reinstalled 3 times and tried running as administrator. I am scared that the issue may end up affecting the full game, so I was wondering if there's anything I. 11 Jul $ = In game non-player character of yourself. (Octodad T-Shirt and a copy of the game when it's released for PC/Mac. Digital Art and special thanks in the finished game credits.) Limit of 6. $ = New custom Octodad costume tailored to fit you or your cat. (Octodad T-Shirt and a copy of the game when. In this sequel to the indie classic, Octodad returns, to live an idyllic life with his wife and children that would be absolutely perfect aside from the fact that he's an octopus. Fortunately, thanks to his clever disguises, nobody suspects a thing.

25 Feb As long as I'm going to be posting the instrumental, I may as well post this thing, too. Here's a pretty early demo of my theme song from Octodad: Dadliest Catch, from a couple years ago. The instrumental is basically the same, but the vocals are still a little funky at this stage. Observant listeners will notice.


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