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zip meaning: 1. to fasten a bag, clothing, etc. with a zipper: 2. to travel very fast: 3. something that creates a feeling of energy or excitement. Learn more. Top definition. zip drugs. an ounce of marijauna. I'm picking up a zip today. by Dan April 28, Get the mug. Get a zip mug for your coworker Abdul. 2. zips drugs · ounce of weed · Yo We Got Dem Zips 4 Da Low Muhh Nigg. #ounce#weed#buddah#green#mary jane. by DatNigg08 November 08, Define zip: to move, act, or function with speed and vigor; to travel with a sharp hissing or humming sound — zip in a sentence.

Zip-code definition, to provide or mark with a zip code: Zip-code all mail. See more. Zip definition, a sudden, brief hissing sound, as of a bullet. See more. Zip definition: A zip or zip fastener is a device used to open and close parts of clothes and bags. It | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Definition of zip code: A code which was established by the United States Postal Service, for the purposes of identifying a location and routing the mail to that location. A zip code was originally 5 digits long, and now. Definition of zip - fasten with a zip, move at high speed, compress (a file) so that it takes less space in storage. Define zip. zip synonyms, zip pronunciation, zip translation, English dictionary definition of zip. n. 1. A brief sharp hissing sound. 2. Energy; vim: I just don't have any zip today. 3. A zipper. 4. Slang Nothing; nil; zero: He knows zip about the.


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