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You may have come across the "Peg Game" in a number of restaurants throughout the country. The game consists of a small wooden triangle board with 15 holes in it and 14 pegs. Like checkers, the point of the game is to jump pegs and remove them from the game. Jul 10, Have you ever been to a Cracker Barrel and tried to solve the peg game while waiting for your food? Well now you can always solve the puzzzle if you remember this. When visiting the Cracker Barrel restaurant, you will find a peg triangle board game on each table. This page describes how to solve the puzzle from any starting position. The game board is a triangle with 15 holes in the same shape as bowing pins, except with an extra row. The game starts with pegs (golf tees) in all the.

Aug 3, If you really feel like you need to win the little "peg game" that's on every Cracker Barrel table, there's a technique. This classic wooden puzzle is a puzzle anyone in your family will enjoy! Jump the pegs to remove all but 1 peg from the board. Sounds easy? Give it a shot--we assure you, this is not as easy as it seems. Will challenge any puzzle master's IQ for hours. It also comes in a collectible box, making it a great gift for the classic toy . Sep 3, How to beat the Cracker Barrel Golf Tee Game. Ok so I finally mastered the Cracker Barrel Golf Tee Game. I don't really know what the real name for it is, so that is what I am calling it. Since a picture is worth a thousand words I have 14, words worth of pictures here. I will let them explain it.

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