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Hatsune miku circus monster

Background Edit. The original video was uploaded onto YouTube on April 16, and was later uploaded onto Niconico Douga. The song became popular and ranked on the Weekly Vocaloid Rankings, making it CircusP's first song to be ranked on the chart. The song also made him more well known in both the. The song that made Circus-P popular in the Japanese and English fandom. Time is dead and gone Show must go on It's time for our act They all scream at me They cannot see This curtain hides me An amazing gift So quick and swift You were amazing By myself I can't They start to chant Why are you. サーカス・モンスター/CiRCuS MoNSTeR is CircusP's third album, which focuses on two of CircusP's famous songs. The album has 5 tracks, 2 language covers of サーカス・モンスター and Circus Monster, including a music box version.

He is a tyrant, I let out a plea, Why did you have to leave me all alone? Bound to sing for them, a worthless monster I never see them I despise them so Lying so useless, they start to holler, "Hey get up you worthless circus monster" [based of the Vocaloid original called circus monster by Circus-P]. death. hatsunemiku. Listen and Download Miku Circus Monster mp3 - Up to date free Miku Circus Monster songs by


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