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28 Mar Windows 8 packages Internet Explorer 10 in two different flavors--Metro and desktop, each with their own pros and cons. For better or worse, IE10 is one of those Windows 8 apps with a split personality--part Metro and part desktop. Microsoft dubs it a "Metro style enabled desktop. 20 Sep “Windows 8” Metro style IE and applications bring a first-in-class touch experience to Windows and does so without sacrificing other forms of input. In IE10 and Metro style apps, developers can write to a more abstract form of input, called a “Pointer. . —Jacob Rossi, Program Manager, Internet Explorer. In IE10 desktop or metro version, many drop down menus do not stay in a "still" position in order for you to pick an option. I.E. try to pick from one of the drop down menus Under the Startup tab right-click and disable each Startup item and then close Task Manager Click Apply/OK on System Configuration.

Open the internet explorer on the desktop. Go to internet options, General (first) tab. There you can set a homepage. This will be used when ie is started from the metro UI. Windows 8 IE 10 Metro Internet Explorer. I will explain how to control and configure the two versions of IE 10, Metro UI and desktop. Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) is a version of the Internet Explorer web browser released by Microsoft in , and is the default browser in Windows 8. IE10 expands on Internet Explorer 9 functionality with regard to CSS3 support, hardware acceleration, and HTML5 support. On Windows 8, it is divided into two editions with.

What is Internet Explorer 10 user interface like? IE 10's desktop version keeps the UI of IE 9, making only small refinements, like removing gradients. IE 10's Metro variant, which comes with Windows 8, comprises a fresh UI where most of the browser elements are concealed so that a web page takes up the majority of the . 5 Oct Internet Explorer 11 has only one bar instead of two bars that were in Internet Explorer 10 app: Tab switcher and Navigation bar are now integrated into the . Similar to its Desktop version, Download Manager opens with keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J. Alternatively, click Page Tools button (a wrench inside a. 29 Sep In Windows 8 with both versions of IE, the frame or manager processes ALWAYS run as bit processes. In the Metro version of IE 10, the content or tab processes also run as bit processes. However, in the desktop version of IE 10, the content or tab processes run as bit processes. Why is this you.


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