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Argentina national anthem

The "Argentine National Anthem" (Spanish: Himno Nacional Argentino) is the national anthem of Argentina. Its lyrics were written by the Buenos Aires-born politician Vicente López y Planes and the music was composed by the Spanish musician Blas Parera. The work was adopted as the sole official song on May 11, Argentina Written by Vicente López y Planes First Part. Oid, mortales el grito sagrado libertad, libertad, libertad. Oid el ruido de rotas cadenas, que responde a la noble igualdad. Ya su trono dignisimo abrieron, Ya su trono dignisimo abrieron, las Provincias Unidas del sur, las Provincias Unidas del sur, y los libres del. The anthem also has had many titles; originally called the “Anthem of May” by López, it was then christened the “Marcha Patriótica” (Patriotic March) by the government on its adoption on May 11, (the third anniversary of the revolution) and was later known as “Canción Patriótica Nacional” (National Patriotic Song).

30 Mar National Anthem. Argentina. The lyrics of the Himno Nacional Argentino (the national anthem of Argentina) were written by Vicente López y Planes, and the music was composed by Blas Parera. This song was adopted as the national anthem on May 11, , three years before the formal declaration of. 3 Nov Argentina national anthem was born in and was originally 20 minutes long but in it was cut downto around four minutes for practical reasons. Hear, mortals, the sacred cry: "Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!" Hear the noise of broken chains, see the noble Equality enthroned. For their most honourable throne has opened The United Provinces of the South. And the free ones of the world reply: "To the great Argentine people, hail!" "To the great.

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