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AKA auroraeosrose. • Have a very very common name. • Was an English Major ( minor in Sociology). • Started using PHP for a Manga/Anime fan site (still alive). • Have been using PHP since 4 beta 1 (Jul). • Have been using C since Nov of • Love the color Pink. • I hate computers. • I love programming. PDF. Introdução · Instalação/Configuração · Dependências · Instalação · Configurações em Execução · Tipos Resource · Constantes pré-definidas · Exemplos · Basic Usage Examples · PDF Funções · PDF_activate_item? Activate structure element or other content item; PDF_add_annotation? Add annotation [ deprecated]. GTK+ version: PHP-GTK 2 currently supports GTK+ or greater. You can obtain the latest stable release of GTK+ 2.x from PHP version: PHP-GTK 2 requires PHP x to PHP x. Version Alpha and Beta PHP-GTK: The use this version is at your own risk. We don't assume any damage that.

What Is PHP-GTK? • PHP extension. • Language bindings for GTK+. • OO Interface to GTK+ classes. • Way to create cross-platform, portable. GUI applications in PHP . Query tool. • Support for multiple databases. (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, etc.) • Multiple export formats (text, HTML,. XML, PDF, CSV, etc.). PHP is most widely used as a web application programming language. It obviously has many advantages in that area, but as a language, PHP is a general purpose programming language. What if you could develop desktop applications using PHP? PHP-GTK is an extension to PHP that allows you to develop standalone. Back to PHP. As you should have already learned in previous sections of this book. PHP is more than just a web server language. It can be used to create GUI applications, shell like scripts, and even daemons, among other things. This chapter focuses on using PHP to create GUI applications using PHP-GTK.

Installing PHP-GTK. Before getting too involved in trying to understand how PHP- GTK works, it would be a good idea to install it first. Installing PHP-GTK can be PHP-GTK, and, finally, all of the classes and extensions you will need for your application. .. The next package, pdflib, is a library for creating PDF files on the fly. PHP is gaining positive reputation for its system administration and client-side application development capabilities. This administration and development is accomplished using the PHP-GTK extension. You can take advantage of client- side applications by implementing language bindings for the GTK. GTK-Doc. All documentation for the GTK+ project uses GTK-Doc to generate the HTML pages from comments in the C code. To find out more about GTK-Doc visit the project page.


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