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stdexcept>. Exception classes. This header defines a set of standard exceptions that both the library and programs can use to report common errors. They are divided in two sets. GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 80 million projects. 26 Aug class logic_error: public exception { public: explicit logic_error(const string& what_arg); explicit logic_error(const char* what_arg); }; class domain_error: public logic_error { public: explicit domain_error(const string& what_arg); explicit domain_error(const char* what_arg); }; class invalid_argument: public.

The latest version of this topic can be found at stdexcept>. Defines several standard classes used for reporting exceptions. The classes form a derivation hierarchy all derived from class exception and include two general types of exceptions: logical errors and run-time errors. The logical errors are caused programmer. #ifndef __KAI_STDEXCEPT_H #define __KAI_STDEXCEPT_H /* * stdexcept.h > - header file for backwards compatibility with old-style * headers without namespaces. * * This file includes followed by using declarations for * the 9 symbols defined in namespace std by. * KAI, * * This file also. stdexcept>: Defines a set of standard exceptions that both the library and programs can use to report common errors. : Defines the base class (i.e., std::exception) for all exceptions thrown by the elements of the standard library, along with several types and utilities to assist handling.

stdexcept>. Library: Diagnostics. Header. Local Index; Summary; Synopsis; See Also; Standards Conformance. Local Index. No Entries. Summary. The header stdexcept> is part of the Diagnostics library of the C++ Standard Library. It defines the classes that the C++ Standard Library itself and C++ programs may use to. H CSTRING.H CTIME.H CWCHAR.H CWTYPE.H EXCEPT.H FSTREAM.H FUNCTION.H IOMANIPH IOS.H IOSFWD.H IOSTREAM.H ISTREAM.H ITERATOR.H LIST.H LOCALE.H MAP.H MEMORY.H NEW.H NUMERIC.H OSTREAM.H REF.H REGEXPH QUEUE.H SET.H SSTREAM.H STACK.H STDEXCEPT.H STREAMBUF. #include "portable/core/include/ConfigDefines.h" #include "portable/language/ cpp/include/internal/__config.h" #include "portable/language/cpp/include/ exception.h" #include "portable/language/cpp/include/iosfwd.h". + Include dependency graph for stdexcept.h: + This graph shows which files directly or indirectly include.


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