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In the event handler of the button call. ("C:\path_to\"). You will find further samples in the MSDN documentation for (). In case you don't know how an event handler is created: Simply open the form in the designer and double-click on the btnYes button. This will automatically create an. Use the s with ProcessStartInfo to specify various parameters to launch your executable. The Process class gives you more control on the launched program than the Shell function. e.g.. Dim psi As New ProcessStartInfo me = "C:\" nts = "C:\" psi. TaDa is correct in stating that you can use the Process object. For example to launch notepad from a button click you would add the following code to your button click handler: Dim proc As New s(). proc = ("d:\windows\", ""). You can then use the returned.

These examples use the Function. They open Microsoft Word, web browsers and text files. How to run file from inside a VS project. I would like to run an external program .exe) from inside a program designed for the compact framework. If possible, I'd also like to pass.

Apr 7, I have a simple fortran console application (exe). It reads some values from the screen and executes the action. I want to run it from vb. I used the shell command as: Dim Result Result = Shell("C:\Exercise\", 1) 'application path in normal state However this doesn't work? Is there a way to call the. Hi all, I want to execute an exe which is written in 'C' from my project which is vb. net and i want to retreive the value which return by the exe after executing. how can i do that?? can u tell I thought it was related to insufficient permissions, but since you are running this thing in Visual Studio it probably aint. Actualy not, i taked a look there before, or i just cant understand it.. I need to run " -e " that file is in my apppath Can i use Shell to run it this way? Also i need to run 1 non commandline program with parameter Share on Google+.


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