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On Passion and Innovation. By Moses Ma on April 26, in The Tao of Innovation. An exploration of passion in creativity can be informed by the study of the muse, so let's look deeper into the life of the artist Modigliani. Even those of us not in explicitly creative fields must come up with new ideas and insights in order to move ahead. How can we shake up the way we think? Creativity has been pegged to conducive environments, perfect collaborators, personality traits, serendipity, and even spiritual muses. While research psychologists are. Creativity Today Paperback – April 1, Ramon Vullings (Author), Godelieve Spaas (Author), Igor Byttebier (Author) & 1 more. Igor has been working as a creativity consultant in many countries for the past 15 years.

Creativity comes in bursts, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you don't lose it when you have it. Creativity: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow in the textbooks, it was under the mysterious label of “imagina- tion” or “creative imagination”. Usually only passing mention was made of the concept. Then behaviorism swept the field of psy- chology-in the USA at least-and such mentalistic concepts were commonly forced off the. Creativity Today -the management book on applied creativity- written by Ramon Vullings & Igor Byttebier- has inspired tens of thousands of managers, teachers and students around the world. Creativity Today has facilitated breakthroughs in business and education alike. Creativity Today is clear, practical, fun, and rich with.

Aug 12, It sounds like the complaint of a jaded adult: Kids these days are narrow-minded and just not as creative as they used to be. But researchers say they are finding exactly that. In a study of about , creativity tests going back to the s, Kyung Hee Kim, a creativity researcher at the College of. Mar 9, If you want to make your business as innovative as possible, you need lots of creativity and ingenuity. But how do you harness these qualities? Many people struggle to come up with creative new ideas or to think in untraditional ways. Here are some clear and actionable techniques to unleash your. Aug 12, The Creativity Tool Cards Boost your (team) creativity by using these tool cards. From the book: Creativity Today


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